Our Work

  • Pediatric Smiles provide comprehensive Preventive & Therapeutic Dental Care services:

Preventive Orofacial & Dental Services:-

Oral Hygeine Maintenance & Diet Counselling
Preventive Topical Fluoride Application 
Pit & fissure Sealants for young children
Preventive & Interceptive Orthodontics
Oral Habits Prevention & Management
Sports Dentistry (Mouth Guards.etc) 

Therapeutic Dental Services:-

Pediatric Operative Dentistry (Dental Fillings & Pediatric Esthetic Dentistry) 
Peditatric Endodontics.(Pediatric Root Canal Treatment, Manangement of Young Permanent teeth)
Management of Dental Trauma in Children
Stainless Steel Crowns & Space Maintainers.
Dental Care & Management of Special Children