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Silver Fluoride Varnish Therapy- Is it Safe- Absolutely Yes!!

PreCooperative Child with Severe Early Childhood Caries, These are all patients treated at Pediatric Smiles 

SIlver Fluoride application at Pediatric Smiles- Pediatric Dental Clinic

With Help of Nusmile & KidsE Zirconia Crown, Dr Mihir Shah & Dr Isha Angne Shah recreated the Smile for the Child, 

What is silver diamine fluoride ? Is it different from Silver fillings

A: Silver diamine fluoride is a liquid or gel like substance that is used in dentistry for decades to help prevent tooth decay and treat cavities. SDF is made up of silver, fluoride, ammonia, and water. It is majorly used in pre-cooperative children. It is different from Silver fillings traditionally used in dentistry


Q: How does SDF work?

A: SDF works by killing the bacteria that cause cavities and hardening the tooth structure. They have Zombie like effect. The silver ions in SDF are toxic to the bacteria that cause decay, while the fluoride ions help to remineralize the tooth structure and make it stronger.A killed bacteria releases the Silver which keeps on killing other bacteria as well, thus Zombie effect.


Q: Is SDF safe to use ?

A: SDF is considered safe when used as directed by a dental professional. One only needs a drop of SDF to apply on all the teeth. However, SDF causes discoloration of the treated area, and it should not be used in patients who have a silver allergy or who are pregnant or breastfeeding.


Q: Is SDF a replacement for traditional dental fillings?

A: SDF is not a replacement for traditional dental fillings, but it can be a useful tool for managing tooth decay in certain situations. SDF is often used in patients who are at high risk for cavities, such as young children, the elderly, or patients with disabilities. Often in children SDF is used followed by conventional restoration like GIC or composites or Crowns