Dental caries:-

Dental caries is defined as an “irreversible disease of calcified tissues of teeth, characterized by demineralization of the inorganic portion and destruction of the organic substance of the tooth, which often leads to cavitation”. - Shafer, Hine and Levy

The classical and widely accepted concept of the multifactorial nature of dental caries is based on the interaction of three factors: the teeth, the diet, and the bacteria (Keyes' triad). The helpful diagram devised by Keyes (1962) shows that when the Bacteria especially Streptococcus Mutans ferments the Sugar(DIET) which produces acid which demineralizes the susceptible TOOTH nd this results in Dental Caries.

Pediatric Smiles believes in Primary Prevention, So If we can control the interaction of all the three factors then Dental Caries & Cavitation can be Prevented. So, the Logo of Pediatric Smiles means that Interaction of all these three factors be controlled to prevent Dental Caries and thus enable the Precious Smile for your child. This is aptly said in our tag line: " Preserve Your Child's Smile"